14 September, 2020

Google PPC – Personal Injury Marketing (SEM)

We facilitate renowned law firms to avail more clients through effective Google AdWords campaigns.

With today’s complex paradigm of digitalization, Google’s pay-per-click has become a valuable marketing tool for lawyers. That said, most people presume that potential clients are searching for a reputable law company like yours. Contrarily, it takes a little bit of effort to cross that threshold. Nevertheless, with sufficient PPC planning and research, you can reach your desired prospects more quickly than you think.

As a law firm, you naturally want to gain an advantage over your competitors. Similarly, you will have to indulge in the possibility that your competitors will make the most out of Google AdWords. So, why wait until your competitor has an online marketing edge over you when you can make your firm visible beforehand.

Whether you want to drive traffic or higher online visibility, a thoughtfully planned Google PPC campaign can make all the difference. From mass litigation to personal injury cases, PPC advertising is an ultimate solution for law firms.

How Google PPC Works in Favor of Law Firms

First, it allows law firms to convey a strong message through your ad content that instantly captures the attention of the prospective clients. However, the relevance of ad content is not a new trend. But the emergence of Google AdWords changed the online marketing game for good.

An ideal Google PPC campaign is not just beneficial for your landing page. In fact, the right selection of keywords can render more conversions. Sure, there was a time when the choice of right keyword, budget allocation, and bids was not so simple.

And this is where Google’s Keyword Planner became a savior for amateur and professional PPC campaigners. Technically, Keyword Planner allows you to select competitive budgets, bids, and keywords to enrich your ad campaigns.

When your Google PPC campaign is communicative, navigational, direct, and displays uncluttered contact details, it will inevitably work wonders for your law firm. Lawlify can help you develop a variety of pay-per-click ads that would live up to your prospective clients’ standards.

The time it takes to reach your desired audience can take time. But the trick is to test and then refine the ad copy until you get the results. With Lawlify by your side, you wouldn’t have to worry about extraneous budget issues and save an ample amount of money and time.

Unlike others, we pay close attention to every single detail in analytics. Our method consists of using analytical data to target your audience. Furthermore, we can tailor your Google PPC campaign in terms of geographical location, gender, age, interests, conversion times, and added contact details. The truth is that PPC is a realm in itself – You need someone to monitor ongoing performance and analyze a multitude of ad parameters to stay ahead of competitors.

Google AdWords: What Industries Can Benefit the Most

There’s a good chance your potential clients prefer to take decisions from online ads rather than listen to friends or colleagues. Currently, several industries are utilizing the numerous benefits of pay-per-click advertising.

For instance, if your law firm offers expertise to any of the below services, then PPC campaigns can get quite complicated.

  • International law
  • Business litigation
  • Securities law
  • Real estate
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • High-net-worth real estate planning

You can master the software functionality of Google AdWords, but it takes a competent PPC specialist to navigate the intricate details of each service to get the desired results. That said, Google PPC campaigns are far more beneficial for lawyers who perform:

  • Personal injury
  • Employment law
  • DUI or DWI matters
  • Criminal charges

Due to rampant social stigma in society, potential clients tend to not talk about their case with colleagues or even friends. Instead, these prospective clients look for a lawyer directly on the internet and click on your law firm’s PPC ad on the search results.

Common PPC Terminologies for Lawyers

Although there are hundreds of various PPC terminologies, you need to only pay attention to these:

Cost-per-Click (CPC)

It refers to the total money you or an advertiser chooses to pay to search engines. In simple terms, a single click of an add can bring at least one visitor to the site.


Primarily, a conversion is similar to a lead. It refers to the act when a prospective client completes a form, reads an email, or downloads an original whitepaper.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTA represents the total success measurement of an ad campaign. For the most part, it divides the total users who chose to click on a particular ad by the total delivery times of that ad.


It refers to when a visitor or prospective client decides to click on a registered pay-per-click ad.


It represents the total number of individuals who can see a particular pay-per-click ad.

3 Google PPC Campaigns Lawyers Can Master

It is true – Not every pay-per-click campaign is the same. Mostly, it depends on your type of sector and long-term objectives. However, Google is famous for its simplification, and its digitalized online marketing efforts on PPC are no different.

You can find (3) three main ways to execute your pay-per-click ad campaigns:

1. Display Advertising

Generally, PPC specialists don’t utilize it for pay-per-click ad campaigns. However, you can use display advertising to purchase space when it comes to Yellow Pages. That said, display advertising is quite beneficial to place banners on your websites that may likely appeal to your target market. It is one of the reasons companies use display advertising to create brand awareness among potential customers.

2. Search Advertising

When you think of Google PPC campaigns, you should think of Search Advertising. It is, after all, where the magic happens. In fact, it’s the most common form of pay-per-click advertising. You simply log your ad campaigns in search advertising so that potential clients who would search for your specific keywords can find your ad. For instance, the results of these ads can pop up on various positions on users’ search results page.

3. Social Advertising

Social advertising is practically a heightened form of display ads. In essence, it allows you to target your audience with more precision. For instance, you can create a PPC campaign that ultimately targets middle-aged men (i.e., 30-40) in New York City who also love to watch a show like “Suits.”

How Lawyers Should Run and Measure a Successful PPC Campaign

Law firms should be aware of the fact that Google PPC campaigns amount to almost 50% of the total digital ads. In fact, it’s the best option for lawyers to reach their prospective clients. However, you should take into account certain considerations to ensure the success of your pay-per-click campaign.

Start Local

If your law firm doesn’t serve international clients, there’s no need to attain visitors from a region that is outside your practice.

Influence Action

You can take a shot at writing ad copy. However, it takes the touch of a professional and experienced writer to influence the target audience. Besides, don’t forget that pay-per-click ads are quite small. So, write an ad copy where each word matters.

Use Call Extensions

You can make the most out of phone calls to let users know about your ad campaigns. It might come across as a simple move, but it can significantly increase your overall conversion rate.

Clear Ad Intent

It is arguably the most valuable aspect to ensure the success of your PPC campaign. Often, clients change their minds to hire your law firm’s services. And when that happens, those individuals will search for a new service where your ad content can pop-up.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that the services you offer are clear to your potential clients. However, there’s no such thing as definitive ad content. You can tailor or restructure the subject matter of your ad content to reach the searcher anytime. Several companies create an educational or informational blog that is integrated into an email opt-in or offers free eBooks.

Ensure Your Ad Is Appropriate

If you decide to spend a lot of money on your PPC budget, there’s no need to cross the line or offend the potential clients. Often, ad copy can come across as offensive to clients because of the use of conflicting keywords that might be culturally accurate.

Also, don’t make clicks the entire focus of attention. Instead, you will have to devise a realistic content strategy that can directly appeal to the intent of diverse searchers. And when the intention is appropriate and clear, it leaders the user to take action.

Benefits: Google AdWords Means More Clients for Your Law Firm

You can choose Lawlify as the main PPC partner for your law firm to execute the best targeted Google PPC campaigns. Our pay-per-click campaigns are strategic, tailored, and cost-effective that can appeal to your clients. We can create the best ad campaigns despite your budget constraints and help you drive your business growth.

More traffic and Visibility

Google AdWords is a direct connection of your law firm with the main search results. Search Engine Optimization efforts, however, take months to show results. On top of that, it takes a lot of analytical insight to figure out complicated elements in SEO optimization. Google AdWords, on the other hand, is all about pay-per-click where you can advertise your ad content to prospective clients more quickly.

Higher Conversion on Landing Pages

The landing page is inherently your secret weapon. It can boost the performance of your ad campaigns to a whole new level. However, an aesthetically pleasing landing page would, in fact, increase your overall conversion rate. Gone are the days when your traffic from AdWords campaigns was tied to a slow service page. Instead, your Google PPC campaign can help you collect an extensive amount of customer inquiries.

Complete AdWords Management

Lawyers already have to deal with complicated scenarios. Therefore, there’s no need to take the burden of an AdWords strategy on your shoulders. Instead, hire the services of competent and reliable online advertising services to receive complete control over your PPC campaigns. Once you sign up, you can get detailed analysis and reports on your AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords Campaign: Common Mistakes Lawyers Must Avoid

To avoid the most common Google pay-per-click mistakes, lawyers have to review their numbers repeatedly. It does, however, takes a little practice to spot the common mistakes that might be invisible to you.

Complexity of Budget Allocation

One of the most common pay-per-click mistakes comes when a million-dollar budget comes into the picture. In fact, it can set enough variables that could confuse even the most talented lawyer. In simple terms, it is a study of numbers where the lawyers have to be knowledgeable about the current market ad trends. And failure to follow keywords results in negative information.

Calculating Average Numbers

For a lot of PPC specialists, it is a game of realizing your average at every turn. Contrarily, lawyers often assume the average values and end up short on a limited budget. Ultimately, it leads to a market exit strategy where PPC becomes the victim of the blame game.

Time and Market Saturation

A proper PPC research and budget allocation can take from days to weeks. Google pay-per-click is like an ocean where there is a lot of right and wrong choices. Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes become susceptible to saturated PPC ad market because of the inadequate or lack of continuous monitoring.

Qualities of a Perfect Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Here are some essential qualities that make up an excellent Google PPC campaign:

Integrated Strategy

Contrary to misguided perception, a PPC campaign is not a one-time thing. The best Google AdWords campaign strategizes for an extended period. Consequently, it allows law firms to attain unique clients and drive new business growth through new digital technologies.

Creative Design and Ad Copy

The success of a pay-per-click campaign depends more than just getting technical aspects right. Instead, it is about creating captivating ad copy with creative design that can influence your target audience in a heartbeat. The ad copy of your PPC campaign should be unique and open to refinement until its perfect.

Smart Configuration and Account Structure

Often, details can be foggy to people who are not familiar with the execution of multiple PPC campaigns at the same time. It takes a certain amount of experience to make sure each aspect of your PPC campaign is configured correctly to Google AdWords.

Rigorous Keyword Research

There are no half-measures when it comes to keyword research. An extensive amount of research can even guarantee the success of your PPC campaign. But how do you identify the suitable keywords out of thousands, correct? You have to consider the bid price, competitiveness, and regularity of a keyword to finalize your decision. The selection of the right keywords means a complete transformation of your PPC campaign. It is how the Google search engine algorithm makes it possible for users to find your law firm.

Complete Campaign Monitoring

Google AdWords is not just a tool to digitally market your ad campaigns. Consequently, you can monitor the results with the utmost precision. You can use this data to your advantage and improve the quality of your PPC ad campaigns. Furthermore, you can generate monthly reports and make a comparative analysis of your multiple PPC campaigns.

Refinement and More Optimization of Current Campaigns

With the right Google AdWords strategy, you can continue to optimize and refine your PPC campaign. And before you know it, you will be able to decrease your budget costs and generate more relevant inquiries from prospective customers.

How Your Law Firm Can Devise a PPC Budget

The objective of your law firm should be to get the realistic cost for each conversion rate. Our PPC specialists, for instance, can help you devise a budget to continue your outset ad campaigns. The underlying key is to get sufficient clicks each day so you could acquire more useful data.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are various alternations or adjustments you can make in your allocation PPC budget. Remember, your budget and bids have to move forward in the same direction. Lawlify will also make sure to give you new updates regarding the performance of your PPC campaigns and offer simplified detailed reports.

Your law firm should think of a PPC campaign’s budget in the same manner as an auction, where bidding takes place from numerous sources. In PPC, the bidders are your key competitors or parties that want to target a similar audience as yours.  

In any case, the last thing you need to do is devise a budget quickly. Instead, take your time to figure out how much you can spend before seeing any results, and then move forward. In hindsight, when it comes to budget allocation, you need to be aware of your maximum CPC. You can take a look at each keyword’s CPC and determine the maximum bid.

Identify Your Volatility Rate

Ordinarily, your CPC maximum bid involves your volatility rate. If the calculation of volatility rates scares you, there’s no reason not to seek the guidance of a professional online advertising agency that can identify high volatility risks along with simple risks.

To calculate the volatility rate, you need to identify the lowest case value. Conversely, determine the biggest or extreme case value. After that, you can divide the highest or extreme value by the lowest or smallest value to find out your current volatility score.

The volatility score essentially provides you with a metric that lawyers can use to assess the feasibility of PPC campaigns. High volatility score means there’s a high risk attached to your PPC campaign. Though lower volatility score offers low risk, it can also drain your PPC budget unexpectedly. And now you know why you should focus more on average volatility score.

FAQ: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does PPC advertising exactly work?

Technically, pay-per-click is a digital marketing tool that you can use to capture the attention of potential clients. A PPC specialist chooses a wide array of keywords to initiate a PPC campaign.

What is the function of bids in PPC campaigns?

Bids take place on various keywords within Google AdWords. So, if a potential client searches for a lawyer, your ad will appear on the main search results.

Is PPC an effective form of advertising?

Well, effective pay-per-click campaigns can start to pay on its own. However, the conversion rate of your landing page needs to be high. Several companies try to optimize their site to improve PPC efforts.

Is Google AdWords better for lawyers?

When it comes to Google Adwords for lawyers, the predefined selection of keywords makes all the difference. Whether its niche keywords, short keywords, long-tail keywords, each can serve a different purpose.

A keyword such as “injury lawyer” will have different results than “injury lawyer in San Antonio.” Thus, it’s about constant optimization and testing, and monitoring of keywords to get desired cost-benefit ratio from your PPC campaigns.

Is PPC better than SEO?

Your PPC and SEO efforts revolve around Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Typically, most of the law firms utilize the benefits of both to get potential clients.

PPC in the Age of Digitalization for Your Law Firm

Over the years, more law firms have realized the fact that Google PPC is the answer to attain more potential clients. However, law firms should opt for the big picture. It means your law firm can capture the attention of clients that are jumping from traditional television platforms to online marketing.

So long as you have the willingness and seriousness to boost your clientele from 50 to 500, Google PPC should be at the forefront of your law firm’s online marketing strategy. In fact, the adoption of Google PPC campaigns will continue to evolve. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a digitalized solution that will guarantee results for your law firm.

Lawlify is capable of boosting your law firm’s online marketing efforts through the execution of result-oriented Google PPC campaigns. Our PPC specialists have updated Advanced Search and Google AdWords Certification. It is time to execute a cost-efficient and time-effective PPC campaign that will help you reach your law firm’s goals.

The trouble-free and cost-effective AdWords expertise you deserve

Whether its strategy, planning, or execution of ad campaigns, you can count on our expertise to manage your law firm’s PPC campaigns. You can contact Lawlify today to find out more options and information as to how we can serve your law firm to get the most leads from Google a PPC campaign. You can avail free consultation and get more information that caters to your needs.




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