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Law firms finally realize the importance of establishing their brand in the digital market. Many law firms and attorneys are utilizing the power of content optimization and SEO to rank their law firms better on SERPs. Most law firms are also leveraging social media platforms for publicizing their proficiency, services, and case success rate.

However, despite all these efforts, a large percentage of today’s law firms fail to generate decent web traffic or capture leads. Does your law firm struggle to get new clients? If you are wondering what’s wrong with your website, the answer could be in a customized and optimized content strategy.

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Content Strategy for your Law Firm

Creating content for a law firm website is different from an ordinary website. That’s because your website must contain accurate and updated legal terms. Furthermore, you must continuously update your content to ensure all information you provide complies with the latest state and federal laws. But that’s not enough. Once visitors land on your website, your content must be engaging to retain your visitors and encourage them to initiate activity. Since your website is your first impression, using professional language is the first step to establish your authority as a leading law firm. At Lawlify, we work with our clients to create a solid content development strategy that includes web content and social media management. In addition to that, we also create case histories, white papers, and technical documents to make sure you provide all the necessary information to your clients.

Content: A Great tool for Branding your Law Firm

The type of content you publish on your website and social media represents your law firm. Lawlify ensures your branding remains consistent by maintaining the same content for your website content, case results, blog, social media pages, etc. That way, your law firm establishes a unique brand to get an edge over its competitors.

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Users who are searching for legal services use specific terms and keywords. We create content that revolves around those areas. For instance, if you are a family law firm, we provide customized content that revolves around family issues such as divorce, child custody, or distribution of assets in the event of a divorce, etc. If you are a personal injury law firm, our content strategy will focus on information related to personal injury claims and consumer protection laws, etc.

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Lawlify provides innovative digital marketing solutions, from website design to content development and lead generation. If you want to know how you can unlock your law firm’s potential, get in touch with us today.