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Google My Business is an incredible place for your law firm to display and promote your services. Google verifies a business through various options such as phone call, postcard, email, bulk verification, and instant verification.


Google goes into the local search mode to display a law firm with pinned locations. When someone types in your law firm’s name, your company comes up with business information such as your address, phone number, office hours, etc. However, if someone is searching for law firms in their area, your firm’s name can come up in the search results, featuring all relevant information, including the location in Google Maps.


Lawlify adds credibility to your online presence by optimizing your Google My Business listing. Law firms can boost their presence in local search results and all third-party platforms that employ Google Maps API to generate location information. We will fill out accurate, optimized, and relevant information, so your law firm attains more visibility. In case your location changes or your firm goes through a significant change, we will update your listing.

Why choose Google My business to boost your business growth

Engage with customers
on Google for free

Google My Business is a free tool that your firm can utilize to get instant visibility

Get customers with a
great Business Profile

With Paid Advertising, you can turn your GMB into a source of steady leads.

Give customers more
ways to reach you

GMB also works as a way to update your clients on news, events, or other firm updates.

How To Utilize Google My Business

If you want to display more information about your law firm, other than your firm’s name and description, get your law firm listed on Google My Business pages. This small marketing technique goes a long way to promote your law firm by displaying important contact information and customer reviews. Optimizing your Google My Business listings will improve your visibility, so you get more exposure and more clients.

Why is Google My Business Important?

This information instantly adds credibility to your law firm. Imagine the impact on your visitors who find all this information without even visiting your website. As a law firm, you want to focus on your specific practice area. Google My Business allows you to promote your main service. For instance, you want to choose personal injury law as your area of expertise or service. By listing your company as a personal injury law firm and not as a law firm, you will have better chances of appearing on SERPs when someone is searching to file or settle a personal injury claim. Typically, businesses receive a postcard with a code that you have to use for online verification. Google will not make any listing visible to online users unless your law firm goes through a verification process.

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